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Robert Dill's impossibly hilarious yet devastating one-man performance of Shakespeare's epic, so vividly brought to life, so outside the box you'll want to hear it again and again!


This is the only recording of it's kind: A one-man performance of Shakespeare's towering epic King Lear. One person, twenty-plus voices, created without aid of electronic manipulation.
However, you will forget it's only one person because it's all a means to an end - to create a kingdom in another dimension. The Bard's characters will come to life for you like never before. Britons, Texans, Scot's, New Yorkers and folks from god-knows-where inhabit this "stage of the imagination." Shakespeare held up a mirror to humanity, and Mr. Dill gives voice to those reflections with heart and soul.
That this play has defeated entire armies of acting troupes and directors for the past 400 years makes a one-man attempt seem outrageously unlikely. But Robert Dill's seemingly endless supply of voices and fresh vision of the play result in an outrageously delightful, wickedly dynamic, yet devastating recording you will cherish for years to come. It is both hilarious and haunting. You will never forget it.
"King Lear: The One-Man Performance" was recorded at Per's Guitar Lounge, by Per Kjeller, co-producer, who expertly manned the recording controls. But more than that, Mr. Kjeller lent his keen ears, brain power, musicianship and spirit to the project, without which this recording would not have come into material existence. (And special acknowledgement to Vanessa Kjeller who provided the sound effect of feminine footsteps on track 4).
Together, Dill and Kjeller have created a recording like no other. It highlights the absurdity, the comedy and the tragedy of the human condition as only the William Shakespeare could capture in words. And they've given the listener plenty to discover and enjoy with repeated listening.
If you are a Shakespeare fan, you will enjoy. If you've never experienced Shakespeare, you ,too, will enjoy. The Bard wrote his plays for plays for everyone, from the least privileged in society, to the most privileged, from those that could not read or write, to the most highly educated. They all gathered to laugh and cry at his plays. It is in this spirit, that Robert Dill and Per Kjeller present to you this amazing recording.
As Lear himself says,"Take that of me, my friend..."
C. O'Meremonies

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• Original Release Date: August 31, 2011
• Label: Caster O'Meremonies Presentations
• Copyright: 2011 Robert Dill
• Total Length: 1:19:44